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Legacy American Kenpo Karate Supples

Welcome to the Legacy American Kenpo Karate Supply Store. This store will supply you with the most informative materials available for the American Kenpo Karate System that was in existence during the last days of Ed Parker.

One of the most common question we receive is, "Is this the 24 techniques per belt system?" The answer, "YES!" The materials that you will purchase here follow the belt rank requirements presented in Ed Parker's Infinite Insights Into Kenpo, Vol. 5.

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Newest DVD Resource Addition - Finally Arrived!!

The Master Key Drills of Kenpo - click here
Volume Three of this Instructor Series Comprises The Master Key Drills of Kenpo. Our #1 Requested Seminar Topic now on DVD!

More New Kenpo Items!!!

Advanced Weapons Forms Series
The Forgotten Forms of American Kenpo

Three new DVDs to bring to you:

  • Cane Set #1
  • Karambit Set #2
  • Cane Set #2

These forms are designed for in-depth study of the original forms from which they were adapted
(Mass Attack, Short Form #4, and Short Form #5.)
(The Bonus Manual contains Nunchaku Set # 2!!!)

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Now on sell - our most popular Rapid Review Manuals - now on CD-ROM. This new CD-ROM contains:

Parker versus Tracy's Kenpo DVD
Tracy's versus Parker's Kenpo Analysis DVDs

The Lost Techniques of Kenpo Manual
Lost Techniques of Kenpo Manual

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